Cube Life: Island Survival - got in the TOP#5

NexisGames campaign against Cypronia reaching a turning point! Ucraft fans purchase Cubelife. It jumped from #9 to TOP#5 best selling games over the weekend!


Dear Nintendo Community,

You have probably noticed "friendly" conversation between Cypronia and Nexis Games.

It started on Friday June 12th, when NintendoLife posted a VIDEO article about Ucraft HERE
When we announced Cube Life, we promised to Nintendo community to communicate as much as possible on all fronts (Youtube, Facebook, twitter, NitendoLife forum, Miiverse etc.)
We had a feeling to join the conversation. We have doubts about promises like infinite world generation together with all features like 16 online players on a solid framerate. It is too much for a developer which has not so much experience doing games for the Wii U. And wanted to know more...
Nexis Games started to fight with us with posts like "Seems to us you purposely poorly executed the backend of your game in an attempt to beat the comp at the consumers expense. Those loading times are 100% unacceptable and you know it."
Nexis games tried to insult the eShop developers saying: "UCraft will actually deliver on its promises unlike many other eshop titles."
They forget that it was Nexis Games who announced Ucraft due before the end of 2014 as Wii U exclusive and then changed announcements many times.
Then they started to attack us. Instead of posting the facts, they started to use lies, for example: "None of the things you mentioned about Nexis seem as bad as promising features you fail to deliver in your published product." Which is not a truth. We asked them 5 times to list the features we promised and have not delivered in Cube Life. They have not answered.
On the top of it, they started a campaign against us on Interent, Twitter, trying to harm Cypronia and Cube Life. For example they created a false articles like HERE
They called us inexperienced. It is quite dare to accuse us of lack of faith in Wii U. There are not many developers who published 7 games for the Wii U in a year!

Later then, that artice was modified. It seems that the author realized that the article is not based on the facts and it is purpose-built.


Now, after 5 days the false campaign turned well for us!
Nexis games wanted to harm us, but they "incidentally" helped us to promoted the game. Cube Life jumped from #9 to TOP#5 best selling games over the weekend!!!  It is obvious that their anti campaign helped us to sell more copies. Their fan-base noticed, there is a new sandbox game on Wii U and they purchased Cube Life. They do not want to wait any longer for Ucraft and its empty promises... They want to play the best sandbox game on the Wii U and NOW.

We want to thank so much to all fans of Nexis Games who supported us by buying Cube Life.


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