Cube Life: Island Survival - Update v1.1 details

The first Update v1.1 coming soon! Video Teaser available!


We have completed the first Update v1.1, now testing it precisely. It is going to the Lotcheck at beginning of September and if everything goes well, it will be available at the end of September - hopefully!


We would like to thank all players who provided us with a feedback, we did our best to implement almost everything you asked. We are proud to say, that Update v1.1 is the big thing and it improves the game significantly. Thanks to you all who helped us to make this great game to be even better !

Here is the final list of new features + fixes:

- Local multiplayer (Gamepad vs WiiU Pro controller + TV)
- 3 modes for multiplayer (deathmatch, tower defence, coop)
- Wii U Pro Controller support
- Pets
- Fishing
- 100 new items added like swords, doors, furniture, etc
- 1st person / 3rd person / Selfie view
- More animals and enemies
- 56 new maps for the Survival mode
- Weather change
- 20% faster loading time
- optimised engine + 10 fps average

- Added Invert Y-axis button
- Arrows do not go through walls
- Bale of Hay – fixed crash
- Added HDR effect ON/OFF button
- Fixed drowning on land issue
- Better tool durability (axes, armor…)
- Hunger and thirsty drop slowly
- Fixed flood after loading issue
- Animal drop items more frequently
- Increased gravity, when you fall
- less aggressive cannibals at beginning
- Simple split items

– Icons do not change position
- Added explosives
- Added stairs
- Added Flat terrain feature
- Water on/off button
- More colour blocks


If you want to watch new features in action, check out the Video - Update Teaser:




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