Cake Ninja: XMAS contest - the first winner!


The Wii-U arrived to the first lucky player! Jessica the first Cake Ninja XMAS contest winner got the Wii-U and she is very happy. Read more: HERE!. 





Cake Ninja: XMAS announced

we are pleased to confirm that Cake Ninja XMAS, arrives on the DSi Shop and 3DS eShop in North America and Europe on Thursday 20th November; it will cost 200 Nintendo Points.




Cake Ninja 2 CONTEST and 100,000 Nintendo DSi Points! 


Cake Ninja 2, contest means 100,000 Nintendo DSi Points in Total. Check out the high-score competition with 25,000 Nintendo DSi Points for each game mode. The first 3 players will be rewarded:

1st place = 15.000 Nintendo DSi Points
2nd place = 7.500 Nintendo DSi Points
3rd place = 2.500 Nintendo DSi Points


Submit your score no later than Thursday, January 31st 2013. All players can submit their scores, but players who register the score within North America are not allowed to get Nintendo DSi Points (according to US law).


Cake Ninja 2 is OUT!  

Cake Ninja 2, arrives on the DSi Shop and 3DS eShop in North America today, Thursday 1st November, with the European release date confirmed for Thursday 8th November.   


Cake Ninja contest CLOSED! We got the best players!


We have found the best players! There are only two players who got over 10.000 score during the contest. So, 40.000 Nintendo DSi Points goes to ADRAIN and ANTROIT. More details in the FINAL RESULTS section   



Cake Ninja contest OPENED, get 40.000 Nintendo Points!


Become a true Cake Ninja warrior and enter Cake Ninja Contest! Download Cake Ninja to your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS, submit your score and have a chance to get 40.000 Nintendo Points in total! More details: HERE!. 

The first three players will get Nintendo DSi Points

1st place = 25.000 Nintendo DSi Points
2nd place = 10.000 Nintendo DSi Points
3rd place = 5.000 Nintendo DSi Points


Cake Ninja conquering the TOP20 in North America!

we are pleased to inform, that Cake Ninja got the 7th place (Charts: 12th January 2012) and the 16th place (Charts: 3rd January 2012) in the TOP20 of the Nintendo DSiWare sales in the North America.

Thank you all for your support!  


Check out the video section!

if you want to learn how to play Cake Ninja and use the bonuses, check out the VIDEO section.