Game Details

Forgotten Legions is an innovative real-time strategy in a fantasy setting, and is an exclusive for Nintendo DSiWare™. Choose from two unique sides and command 18 units in 30 campaign missions.

Endless mode brings hours of challenging gameplay, with the chance to add the results to a web-based leaderboard.

The main goal of the game is to stop enemy units reaching the right side of the touch screen, until time has run out; you can see the remaining time on the progress bar placed in the top area of the top screen. To do this you can summon a variety of 9 units depicted in the top screen. Summoning units is delayed by a cool-down period after each use, which can be sped up by destroying enemy units.


Key Features:

- Innovative real-time, side-scrolling strategy

- Deeply tactical controls

- Fantasy setting – including humans, elves, dwarves and the undead

- Two unique armies with distinctive strategies

- 30 campaign missions

- Challenging endless mode

- Exciting gameplay

- Boss fights

- Special abilities

- A web-based leaderboard

- Atmospheric environments and music