Salador. A land of peace and repose.

In all of Tarion you can’t find any other place like this, where many generations know nothing of the horrors of war. It’s a land where people don’t need to lock their doors at night, and where they don’t need to be afraid of an evil God‘s vengeance. But in this land outlaws like Merkhovius can also be found. He fell for dark magic, and his endless desire for immortality brought him banishment from the town of Riverkeep. He can be found in the ancient stronghold known as the Mage’s Fortress.

For decades, in the isolated silence and cold, he studied prohibited texts. He searched for the way he could finally exact vengeance on others. How he could use the dark force of infinity and turn it to his gain, how he could draw life from things in which there is no life any more. And his endless desire was rewarded.

Merkhovius revealed a veil of eternal life, and in a terrible ritual he broke the orders of the universe. The gods started to shake with fear, for he had gained what he desired – immortality...

But at what cost?




The path that I decided to take,

the knowledge I gained... move beyond my human limits.


The sacrifices I made,

and the price I paid,

Everything I did...

...was for the greater good.


But did they understand?!

Did they let me explain?!


I walked away, left them behind,

fought my way through the land,

though my heart could not forget.


I went to a place long forgotten,

Re-awakened powers that were dormant.


They didn‘t listen, but now they will hear,

my power, my wisdom, my will.


And with my new power at hand,

I shall make them understand.